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sadronmeldir, Feb 1, 09 9:58 PM.
The Codex came to Sister Psyche's aid and helper with some Freakshow. Here's the team...

They were: Sable Stiletto, Greatsword, Katarina Ivanov, Lady Knightshade, Chip Barker, Mr Majesty, Khamiseen and Ursus-Martimus. Well done, all!

Cleaned King's Clock!

sadronmeldir, Jan 28, 09 11:09 AM.
Per Synapse's orders, the Codex took down the Clockwork king! Here's a snapshot of the team...

Tour de Force Taskforce!

Lion-Hearted, Jan 28, 09 5:54 AM.
Hang on to your tights!

Codex unveils plans to attempt to run at TF a week at varying levels after the success of our last guild run. Coalition members and good friends we can trust will be invited to join us as we romp through the minions, bosses and arch villains of various task forces set up by the Freedom Phalanx. Heck, if we rip through all of those, we might tackle the Shard and beyond...

Stay tuned!

Ade is Awarded High Honors

sadronmeldir, Aug 19, 08 10:30 PM.
Ade Telualla of the Codex was recognized for his incredible commitment to the city today as he was named one of the Heroes of the City. Congratulations, Ade! We're proud to work beside you.

A New Hero

sadronmeldir, Aug 16, 08 6:19 PM.
One of our newest assets, Kamiseen, has recieved an award for Hero of the City. Please join us in offering her words of congratulations! Well done!



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